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Developing an Effective Lync Readiness and Adoption Strategy

Explore end-user readiness and adoption resources and receive best practices for driving adoption of Microsoft Lync, as well as other Microsoft UC solutions.
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Moving from Live Meeting to Lync 2010

An introduction to Microsoft Lync 2010 specifically for users making the move from Office Live Meeting, this on demand training will help you understand web conferencing in Lync.
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Introducing Microsoft Lync 2010

See the latest enhancements in online communication with Microsoft Lync! With Instant Messaging, to Voice and Video conversations, and even Online Meetings, Lync offers flexible communication options from a single, streamlined user interface.
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Best Practices for Microsoft Lync 2010 Conferencing

Learn best practices for managing Online Meetings using Microsoft Lync. From scheduled conferences to instant application sharing, learn how to collaborate successfully!
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Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice Basics

Learn how Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice will save you time and simplify every day work activities.
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Lync 2013 Daily Demo

Discover how Lync 2013 enhances communications and enriches collaboration in this high-level first look at the Lync solution.
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Lync 2013 Enterprise Voice Basics

Learn how to use Lync 2013 enterprise voice for all of your telephone needs, including making and transferring calls, and checking voice mail.
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Lync 2013 Present Like a Pro

Once you know the basics of running an online meeting, move on to learn best practices and advanced tools to take your structured meetings to the next level.
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Lync 2013 Contacts and Conversations

Learn how to work with your Lync contact list, add contacts, create groups, set Lync options and understand presence. This recorded course takes you through the basics of contacts and conversations.
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Lync 2013 Online Meeting Basics

Discover how to schedule online meetings with Lync 2013, as well as how to share meeting content, manage audio and video connections, and collaborate with attendees.
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What's New in Lync 2013

This course is designed for Lync 2010 users to learn about the new features in Lync 2013. Added functionality with video, embedded rich media and new contact management tools will be highlighted, as we discuss the latest enhancements in online communications and conferencing.
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Moving from Live Meeting to Lync 2013

An introduction to Lync 2013 for users making the move from Office Live Meeting. This recorded session will showcase how to leverage Lync for both your ad-hoc and scheduled meeting scenarios
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